Why you should be taking nude selfies (and share them with us)

Nudity and sexuality are treated as a double standard in our society, in the sense that they are used for advertising and selling but when it comes to normal bodies and normal people they are being censored on social media. Instead of being appreciated and celebrated, nudity and sensuality are used as a product for consumption.

Being taught to hide our intimate body parts we end up feeling ashamed, and this can lead to low self-esteem, and decreased sexuality. We at want to change this. We want to foster body acceptance by embracing nudity.

Connect to your sensuality

Taking nude selfies can be very liberating, especially if you feel disconnected from your body and/or sexuality. Often traumatic experiences can lead to feeling ashamed or guilty about your bodies and leave you feeling undesirable. Taking a nude selfie is a safe and playful way to explore to your sensuality.

Body acceptance/positivity

By seeing your naked body more often you are able to see yourself in a different (more positive) way. Emphasize the parts of your body you find beautiful. Play with light and angles to start appreciating your natural beauty. Seeing yourself and sharing your nude photos with like-minded people can facilitate body acceptance.

Boost your self-esteem

It takes courage to take a nude selfie and even more courage to share that picture online. is a community of people being real and naked sharing their intimate moments. Seeing other people being real and vulnerable can give you the courage to do the same and receive kind words and virtual gifts in return. This encouragement can give you the self-esteem boost that modern beauty standards take away from you.


Modern social media promote an altered image of what kind of body type, hairstyle, face structure is considered pretty, and people can easily get caught up in this and start feeling not beautiful enough.

At we encourage people to be raw, real and naked. Be playful, be sexual, be vulnerable, share your intimate thoughts, share your insecurities, just be you. is an invitation-only-platform that provides you with a safe place to upload your nude pictures, explore your body image, and express your sexuality without being censored.

We are still in beta testing but the results up until this day show a promising future and a strong market demand. Click here to request an invitation for the beta testing version.

Explore your artistic side with Perzik and release your sexuality.