Everyone is beautiful
and deserves to share their sensuality with a
supportive community cheering them on.

Meet the creator

Astrid Lucy is an avid supporter of female sexuality and self development. She believes in the power and confidence to be found in exploring your sensuality. She also own a website, nectarine.love, where you can find yoni eggs and wands.

After growing tired of being censored on social media for content they deemed to be too explicit, Astrid Lucy wanted to create a safe place where people could express themselves without censorship and feeling shamed. Thus, she created Perzik.

Astrid Lucy’s vision for Perzik is to create a culture free of the toxic shame and negativity tied with being naked. A place you could explore your body image and find strength in your vulnerability. Being sensual and naked, as well as sexuality, are all natural parts of being human. It’s us as a society who places shame on the honesty and vulnerability that come from exploring ourselves. Perzik is that safe place to express yourself in all of your sensuality.